GATE 2024 will be conducted for 30 test papers. The following table shows the list of papers with codes. Please click the Paper/Code to download the syllabus.

A candidate is allowed to appear either in ONE or UP TO TWO test papers. Please see the page Two-Paper Combination for more details.

The test papers will be in English. Each GATE 2024 paper is for a total of 100 marks, General Aptitude (GA) is common for all papers (15 marks), and the rest of the paper covers the respective test paper syllabus (85 marks). Click here for detailed pattern of the question papers.

Multi-sessional papers: Candidate will be assigned to appear only in one of the sessions for the papers running in multiple sessions.

Computer Science and Information Technology (CS) and Civil Engineering (CE) will be conducted as multi-session papers in GATE 2024. More precisely, they will be two-session papers. This means that the candidates will be assigned to one of the sessions only — either the forenoon session or the afternoon session. The question papers will be different for each session. Test papers are held in multiple sessions when the candidate count is so high that they cannot all appear for the test in the same session. The scores of the candidates will be normalized according to the normalization formula given in Section 13.2 of the Information Brochure.

Candidates must familiarize themselves with the paper code as it is required both during application and examination.

Each candidate should fill ONLY ONE application. If they wish to appear in second paper (from the two-paper combination), they can add respective paper in their original application. In case of Multiple applications, only one will be accepted and remaining applications will be rejected without any refund for the paid fee.