अभियांत्रिकी स्नातक अभिक्षमता परीक्षा २०२४

ORGANISING INSTITUTE: INdian institute of SCience, Bengaluru


The following table gives the codes of test papers allowed as the second paper for the candidate’s choice of the first paper. The combinations are subject to availability of infrastructure and scheduling constraints.


  • The test papers will be in English. Candidates opting to appear in TWO test papers must have a primary choice of test paper. The second test paper must be chosen from the allowed combinations given in the table above. Combinations other than the listed ones are NOT allowed in the initial (Regular and Extended) windows of registration. We may open up additional two-paper combinations at a later date, which will be notified on the GATE  2024 website. This is subject to the availability of infrastructure and scheduling feasibility.
  • The examination centre of a candidate for the second test paper may be different (but in the same city) from that for the first paper due to infrastructure and scheduling constraints. GATE 2024 shall NOT be liable for any legal obligations arising out of this issue.
  • Under unforeseen circumstances, certain combinations may be removed from the list in the above table at a later date. In such cases, the fee paid towards the second test paper will be refunded to the candidates.